Summer at the Jersey Shore is an unmatched experience.

No matter which town you choose to vacation in along the shoreline, it’ll always be full of iconic sites that are unique to the Jersey Shore.

I personally grew up going to Point Pleasant, which has a lot of iconic landmarks along the boardwalk and within the town in general.


There are also iconic shops, restaurants, and sightseeing points in Seaside Heights, Long Beach Island, Wildwood, Spring Lake, Belmar, and others that if you plan on visiting the Jersey Shore, you’ll for sure want to see.

If you’re from New Jersey, you probably grew up driving to the beach and getting an Ice Cream cone at Kohrs or going to the Jenkinson’s Aquarium.


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I’ll never forget going to Seaside Heights and looking up and down the beach to possibly catch a glimpse of any of the Jersey Shore cast members or even taking our yearly trip to Wildwood and eating all of the amazing boardwalk food that they have to offer.

As the years go on, the same landmarks in these shore towns are still just as iconic as they get made into traditions for families all over the area.


Every family who goes down the shore every year has their own list of activities to hit, but this is a list of the most popular attractions.

If you’re just visiting the area for the summer or are a New Jersey native who’s looking to hit all the go-to stops this summer down the shore, these are the top 15 things you have to see or do during your trip.

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