Growing up in Trenton, NJ I used to be a regular customer of Trade-A-Tape Trading Post. I remember going there after school (I went to St. Joachim's Catholic school) to browse their video games and CDs they had on sale. I remember buying some old Nintendo games, Sega games, and buying a used CD copy of Aqua's Aquarium album. If you need a reminder of who they are: their big hit from that album was "Barbie Girl." No shame in sharing that memory. So you can imagine how sad I got when a coworker told me Trade-A-Tape was going out of business. I immediately did a quick search and saw on their Facebook page that they really were closing soon.

Trade-A-Tape seems almost like one of the final stores of its kind. You could buy new or resell your used electronics, video game consoles, and movies. I'm guessing that now that things are going in a digital direction it may be hard to stay in business. I called to get more information and the employee who answered told me they were very busy and that there was not a definite closing date. When I asked again she mentioned they could be closing as early as next week. She also sounded very urgent as she told me she was ringing customers up and advised me to "just come in."

According to their Facebook page, they keep posting that their stock must go and offering movies on DVD for $1 each, Blu-ray movies for $3 and box sets for $5.

I told my brother the news and he had the same reaction as I did. We may go one more time to relive our childhood memories browsing for video games and say goodbye.

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