We all know there is no fan base as dedicated as the Philadelphia Eagles. We remember the aftermath of Superbowl LII, when they beat the Patriots, and how ecstatic fans were. Now all NFL fans can get an inside look at some of the biggest Philadelphia Eagles fans in the new documentary, Maybe Next Year.

According to People, the documentary leads up to the Eagles very first Superbowl win in 2018 with profiles of some of the team's biggest fans throughout the season leading up to the historic win against the then five-time Superbowl champions, the New England Patriots. In the trailer, a senior fan puts the devotion and loyalty these fans have for the team into perspective by saying “If I would have to go, I would want it to be during the game”. Now that is hardcore dedication!

Avid Eagle fans Kyle Thrash directed the documentary, and Jenifer Westphal executive produced, with Joe Plummer and Ian Ross as producers, according to People. Already available for pre-sale, on November 10th the documentary will be available on streaming services. If you’re in Philly, an Eagles fan and looking for the perfect outing the film will also be showing at a drive-in theatre with more information available at the official site.

Eagles fans are just built different. With an unwavering amount of loyalty, dedication, support, and love for the team. This documentary will be perfect for non-eagles' fans to get a look inside as to what it means to be a Philly fan and to reignite that passion inside Eagles fans for the rest of the season.


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