The holiday season is officially here and it’s time to get your Christmas tree if you haven’t already! No matter what kind of tree you set up if it’s fake, real, tinsel branches, etc, it’s always great to support local businesses, right?

There’s nothing better than going on in late November or early December to get a freshly grown tree and bring it home to decorate. Of course, everyone who has celebrated Christmas has so many memories of decorating a Christmas tree with friends and family.

If you’re running a little behind and are looking for a place to bring your entire household to get a tree for this season, look no further!



There are plenty of local tree farms that you can support this Christmas season that is probably a maximum of 20 minutes from your house. This is one of those things you may not notice we have a lot of in our area, but there are more tree farms than you probably even know of!

Because we have so many local farms in our area, I didn’t realize most people went to Home Depot and other stores like that to get their trees, but why do that when you can support local farmers right in our area?

This is the perfect way to spread some Christmas joy and give back to local businesses right in Mercer County this holiday season. So, if you’re still looking for that one place to pick up your perfect tree this month, check out a few of these local farms!

Christmas Tree Farms in Mercer County, NJ

There are plenty of tree farms to buy your tree from this season right in Mercer County!

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