Italian Peoples Bakery and Deli has announced on Facebook that students at the new Trenton High School will get a discount at the bakery, as soon as the school year begins.

Wow. If I were a student, I'd be excited. Breakfast before school for cheaper? Uh, yes please. Sandwiches on the best bread around, and save money? Yup.

The brand new Trenton High School will be opening it's doors to students for the very first time on September 3rd, and everyone's excited, including Italian Peoples Bakery. They will be offering the students 10% off their purchase, as long as they have their Trenton High School id card with them. The bakery's post says they want the students to eat "good healthy food and not just junk food.”

So, if you have any kids that will be going there, or know anybody that is, pass along this information.

Italian Peoples Bakery has been around since 1936 and is located at 63 Butler Street in Trenton. The new Trenton High School isn't far from the bakery at 400 Chambers Street.

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