What a cool sight. The Trenton Makes Bridge has turned patriotic to celebrate the city's homegrown Olympic star.

I drove by the bridge last night, heading into Pennsylvania, and got chills when I realized the signature phrase, Trenton Makes The World Takes, was lit up in red, white, and blue. My daughter and her friend took some great pictures of it after I screamed for them to grab their phones. Lol. We only had to drive by it twice to get this shot. Good thing it was later at night so we could slow down a little bit. Lol.

The bridge is honoring Track and Field Olympian, Athing Mu. At just 19 years old, Mu just won a gold a medal and broke a record in the 800 Meter race. Amazing....she's lightning fast. Incase you don't know, 800 meters is half a mile, and she ran it in under 2 minutes. Wow, just wow.

Right after her race on Tuesday morning (August 3rd) I noticed my Facebook and Instagram were flooded with pride posts for the Trenton native. Mu's former teachers, friends, and people that don't know her personally were wishing her congratulations and saying how exciting it is to have an Olympic gold medalist from our area. I agree, it's very exciting.

I've heard a big celebration is being planned for Mu when she comes home from Tokyo. I'll let you know the plans as soon as I find out.

Before Mu left for the games a few weeks ago, a huge banner with her picture on it was unveiled at Trenton's City Hall (319 East State Street).

Congratulations Athing. We're so proud of you.

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