There will be big banner unveiling in Trenton this morning (Thursday, July 22nd) to honor Olympian Athing Mu Amid, according to the Our Trenton public Facebook group.
Athing Mu Amid, a Trenton native, is competing in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics (yes, it's still the 2020 Olympics even though it's 2021, they were rescheduled from last year because of COVID-19). The track and field star's first race (800-meter) will be on Thursday, July 29th at 8:55pm, our time (Eastern)
The banner unveiling ceremony will kick off at 11am this morning on the front steps of Trenton's City Hall (319 East State Street).
The Mayor of Trenton, W. Reed Gusciora, will be speaking, as well as Mercer County Commissioner Samuel Frisby, Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education, Hope Grant, and Trenton Track Club Coaches Al Jennings and Bernice Mitchell.
All are welcome to attend and celebrate this amazing accomplishment. How often is an Olympian from your area? Chances are not often at all.
Athing Mu Amid will be leaving for Toyko in just two days, ahead of her race next week, to give herself time to quarantine for 3 days before she competes, like all of the other 11,000 athletes competing as well. She will also be tested every day.
Fingers crossed that she stays healthy as a number of Olympians, including several Americans, have tested positive for COVID-19 since arriving in Tokyo for the games.
All Olympians are being given a welcome package when they touch down in Tokyo with a 70 page booklet of rules to ensure everyone's safety. It outlines where they can go and what they can do. Group meals and socializing is not allowed. All athletes must leave Tokyo within 48 hours of their last event. The rules also lay out the consequences for breaking the rules...they could be fined.
Good luck Athing. We're all rooting for you! U-S-A, U-S-A. Bring home a medal.

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