Heads up if you're commuting on Route 1 through Bucks County this morning.

A serious, fatal accident on Route 1 Northbound is causing hefty delays, as of 10:00 a.m.

Route 1 North is closed between Route 13 and the Trenton Morrisville Bridge (that's if you're heading INTO New Jersey). Traffic is stopped back to Oxford Valley Road.

The Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission confirmed that the accident, which occurred right near the toll plaza was fatal.

Google Maps
Google Maps

A police investigation is underway, and the roadway will remain closed until the police wrap up their investigation.

I-295 is Scudders Falls Bridge is your best alternative at this point. That is seeing increased volume, but you can get by through that area much quicker this morning.

Route 1 Southbound through the area is getting by, but we are seeing delays building around the Trenton-Morrisville Bridge into Pennsylvania.

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