I was so excited to hear the news that a camera crew had been spotted in Bucks County filming a new project recently.

NewtownPANow.com is reporting that the action happened on Wednesday in the Yardley area.

If you were on Route 295, leaving New Jersey, headed into Pennsylvania, you could have seen what was going on if you have an eagle eye.

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The filming was taking place right off of the Newtown exit of 295 in the Yardley Rest Area.

Whenever a movie or tv series is being filmed, there's no lack of equipment. There were big cameras, screens, microphones...and of course the big trucks and trailers that brought it all to the scene.


There aren't many details. The article just says crews were filming "a new true-crime series slated for cable-tv." Ohhh, I can't wait to find out more about it and if there are any big stars in it.

The scene being shot at the Yardley Rest Area involved actors having a conversation near a Chevy Camaro. There were other actors in the scene that were waiting for their turn on camera inside the Rest Area.

New Jersey and Pennsylvania are picked quite often to be the backdrop for movies and tv shows.

The Apple Studios movie, "Echo Valley" was filmed in NJ back in the spring. There are a few projects being shot in Jersey City.

For a complete list of the projects happening around New Jersey, click here.

When I find out more about the project that was filmed at the Yardley Rest Area, I'll let you know.

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