One thing that many ridesharing passengers are always concerned about is their safety. We've all probably complained once or twice about a driver that has made us feel uncomfortable one way or another. After a New Jersey young lady, Samantha Josephson, was kidnapped and murdered by a fake Uber driver in South Carolina, ridesharing companies have become a lot more strict with making sure passengers double-check that they're getting in a car with the correct driver.

According to FOX 29, Josephson's parents, who created the #WhatsMyName foundation, are teaming up with Uber to make sure that all riders are aware of ridesharing safety as well as increasing the safety by teaching everyone about the technology. On it was stated, "Together the partners are doubling down to help increase the impact on rideshare safety programs through education and technology.”

I believe this is a great idea to promote ridesharing safety for passengers. With this we can all feel a little bit safer when getting in an Uber you don't have to feel stressed about anything bad happening.

It was stated on FOX29 that Marci and Seymor, the parents of Samantha Josephson, want to make sure that the tragedy that their family went through does not happen to any other family anywhere in the world. The partnering of the two organizations is all in honor of Samantha Josephson.

The #WhatsMyName foundation is also having a 5k run/1 mile walk to honor Samantha Josephson. On it was mentioned that the event is happening at Gazebo Park, Lake Dr, Robbinsville Twp on September 26, 9 am to 11 am.

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