Back in 2019, Samantha Josephson, a Robbinsville New Jersey native was studying political science at the University of South Carolina. After leaving a bar in South Carolina, she got into a car that she thought was her Uber. That was the last time anyone saw her.

Samatha was reported missing and her body was found about 65 miles from where she was picked up. Nathaniel David Rowland, the driver of the car, was arrested and charged with the  kidnapping and murder of Samantha.

Nathaniel David Rowland was just convicted in July and will serve life in prison. Even at his sentencing, and with countless evidence proving that he was guilty, he and his family still tried to maintain his innocence.

To honor Samantha, her parents Seymour and Marci have dedicated all their time to the What's My Name movement to keep people safe who use services like Uber and Lyft and other ride share services.

In addition to the What's My Name movement, they have created a 5K in Sami's honor which will be taking place on September 25th in their hometown of Robbinsville.

We got to talk to Seymour Josephson, Samantha's father about the upcoming 5K and the trial of Samantha's killer. He described it as a very emotional time for he and his family. Our prayers have been with them since the very beginning. We can't imagine what they're going through.

Seymour told us that the Whats My Name 5K has double in size since it's last year and this year before the race begins, there will be a patio and rock garden dedication ceremony in Robbinsville's Townsquare.

After all they've been through in the last few months, I know the Josephson family is very much looking forward to the What's My Name 5K as well as the dedication of a beautiful patio and rock garden located right in Samantha's hometown of Robbinsville.

If you're in the area on September 25th, and want to participate in the What's My Name 5K and 1 mile walk, Seymour Josephson wants people to know that they can come that day and still participate. More details about the 5K at

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