United Airlines announced on Wednesday that they will be re-configuring seats on more than 100 planes to allow for more premium seating. This means that the economy seating sections will decrease.

The airline will also start using a 50 seat jet containing premium seats for more business travel routes.

"United will retrofit 21 of its Boeing 767-300ER jets starting in the next several weeks. It will reduce seats from 214 to 167 by shrinking the economy section while going from 30 to 46 business-class seats and adding 22 “premium plus” seats. The planes will fly first between United’s hub in Newark and London" via nj.com

United's Chief Commercial Officer Andrew Nocella says United has an overall shortage of business class seats, so these changes will be fixing the problem.

The airline will also be adding more first-class seats to its A319 and A320 planes.

Small, 50-seat planes are known to be very cramped and uncomfortable, but United's new planes will be 18 feet longer than the small planes they currently use.

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