A jet fuel leak on United Airlines flight causes delays at Newark Airport.

240 gallons of spilled jet fuel on a Newark Liberty International Airport taxiway caused further delays for Las Vegas bound passengers on Monday evening.

Omg, that sucks and sounds like a super messy situation.

The Port Authority Police Department's Union issued a statement citing an on board mechanical malfunction as the root of the issue. The majority of passengers, hopefully with a free drink voucher, boarded a later plane.

The original flight eventually took off about 4.5 hours, after the initial 3:25p departure time. There were no injuries to report, despite the massive puddle of fuel on the taxiway.

That's a relief.

NJ.com reports that United Airlines has not yet issued a statement in response to their request for further information regarding the malfunction.

As for the passengers, let's hope their luck in better in Las Vegas.

Viva Las Vegas!