I thought I've seen it all, but this just took crazy to a whole other level.

So back in September, an insurance claim was filed by a man named Alexander Goldinsky, 57, of Randolph N.J. He alleged that he has slipped and fell in a cafeteria in at a business in Woodbridge. At the time, Goldinsky was an independent contractor and was carrying out some freelance work at that particular place of business.

However, surveillance video of what actually happened has recently come out and social media is dying! The footage shows Goldinsky fill up a paper cup with some ice, then throw the ice on the floor. He walks away, then a few seconds later walks back near the ice and pretends to have a dramatic fall. The video shows him gripping onto the counter then lowering himself onto his back as if he had slipped.

Since this footage has been released, the man has been arrested and charged with third-degree insurance fraud and once count of third-degree theft by deception.

“Fraudulent claims cost everyone and we will aggressively prosecute those who illegally manipulate the system,” Middlesex County Prosecutor Andrew Carey said in a statement.

Goldinsky was since been released from custody but will have to show up for court on Feb. 7th.

That's karma for you!!

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