A video of a man trying to board a New Jersey Transit bus has gone viral after he tries to bring an ATM with him for a ride.

It was confirmed by Newsweek that it was a prank done by comedian, Darius Kinney, who posted the video. Kinney is the one seen in the video lugging the ATM while a friend was filming. He told Newsweek that he regularly does comedic videos and sounded like the inspiration for this happened on a whim when he noticed the ATM outside of a barber shop.

Speaking of "barber shop," a Twitter user thinks Kinney's true inspiration was actually from the 2002 movie, Barbershop. Philly Voice noticed a tweet pointed out the similarities involving a scene in the movie where a character is dragging an ATM around with him. You can watch the movie clip below.

Even New Jersey Transit thought it was a funny video because they ended up reposting it. Newsweek reported that a New Jersey Transit spokesperson said that they "asked [their] customers to caption the already posted video; we did not stage, post or film this video so we have no context around it. We are interacting with and engaging our customers based on something already circulating on social media." Despite sharing the viral video they ended up deleting it from their social media accounts.

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