Do you know that feeling you get when your stomach turns on a thrilling ride? Well, it’s probably going to happen for thousands of amusement park goers this weekend at Six Flags Great Adventure.

The theme park’s highly-anticipated jaw-dropping Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth ride officially opened to the public today (June 13). What's it like? Well, you can check out a preview of the ride:

So what’s the deal here? Well, we broke it down by the numbers here to show thrilling the ride will be to parkgoers:

172 – That’s how high the pendulum swings. In fact, it’s officially the world’s tallest pendulum ride. In fact, that’s actually 17 stories into the sky.

75 - Yeah, riders are taken on a journey at 75 mph as they rise and fall on the pendulum.

40 – That’s the number of passengers that are seated in shoulder-harnessed chairs

0 – that’s how many floors there are for riders. Yeah, the ride has floorless seats that will leave your feet dangling for this ride.

The ride is now open in the park’s Metropolis-themed area.

“It’s the perfect complement to state-of-the-art, fan-favorite rides such as CYBORG Cyber Spin and JUSTICE LEAGUE Battle for Metropolis,” Six Flags President John Winkler said in a press release this week.

Kristin Fitzgerald, Six Flags Great Adventure
Kristin Fitzgerald, Six Flags Great Adventure

You can check it out for yourself at Six Flags Great Adventure this summer. If you do ride on it, chat with us on the PST App to let us know what you thought of it.

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