daddy daughter

A dance studio in Philadelphia is offering a ballet class for fathers and their daughters. E’Chappe Dance Arts is providing a way for dad's to bond with their little girls through their favorite activity.

You may have seen the viral video that has been circulating the internet lately. In a cute video shared by the studio, you can see little girls in their tutus participating in ballet class with their fathers right beside them. They call it #TutuTuesday.

The video was just posted last week and has already racked up millions and millions of views. "I can’t event believe it. I am ecstatic, said owner Erin Lee. “This is what I care about. Good dads being highlighted. This is the part that’s amazing for me.”

If you bare interested in taking these classes with your daughter, E’Chappe Dance Arts offer classes for kids ages three to seventeen. Not only is ballet offered, students can also take classes in jazz, hip hop, tap, modern and more.


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