Hamilton Township is getting creative for Easter again this year by hosting its 2nd Annual Virtual Easter Egg Roll, according to the Mayor's Facebook page.

Mayor Jeff Martin posted that last year's Virtual Egg Roll was such a huge success that it's happening again this year. If you live in Hamilton, you can join the fun from your very own home or yard.

It's easy, just take a pictures or a video of your family having a egg roll, and email them to Mayor Martin at Mayor@HamiltonNJ.com. By emailing, you'll be entered in a contest to be featured on Hamilton Township's official website and social media sites. You may email your entries now until Easter Sunday (April 4th). Remember, you must be a Hamilton resident.

Do you know what an Easter Egg Roll is?  Traditionally, there's one held at the White House each year, although, because of the pandemic, it was canceled last year, and again this year. An Easter Egg Roll is a race where you push your egg, with a long handled spoon, through the grass, to the finish line. Sounds like fun. My family's never done one, but, maybe we'll start a new tradition this year. Last year, we did a raw egg toss, which was so funny. I got egg all over me. Lol.

Did you ever think we'd still be dealing with this pandemic this Easter? I didn't. Last year, when we typically would have been with 20 people, it was just the four of us...my husband and two kids. Although, I always love spending time with them, we missed our extended family. This year, thankfully, most of our family is vaccinated, so we can be together. I can't wait.

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