The National Weather Service's Climate Prediction Center is forecasting a warmer than normal fall across the Philadelphia region. In fact, the government agency is predicting above-average temperatures for the entire country.

For our area, they say there is about a 40% chance that temperatures will be above normal between October, November and December 2019.

Plus, while it has been dry lately, NOAA's Climate Prediction Center says there's a one in three chance that we'll see above-average precipitation this fall in the Philadelphia region.

If you're a big fan of crisp fall weather, don't worry too much just yet. The Weather Channel reminded us that despite the outlook it should be noted that it doesn't mean there won't be any below-average temperatures this fall.

"An individual cold front or an upper-level ridge of high pressure could lead to a brief period of colder or warmer temperatures, respectively, that doesn't align with the overall three-month pattern predicted by the CPC," The Weather Channel wrote in their coverage of the fall forecast.

By the way, for their part, NOAA's Climate Prediction Center's current forecast for winter 2020 (January, February, and March) also looks warmer than average at this point. If you're hoping for a cold and snowy winter, you'll want to check out the official forecast from the Old Farmers' Almanac.

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