It's no surprise, coronavirus is a huge topic of conversation with everyone and people are panicking. Stores are running out of essential items like hand soap, hand sanitizer and even toilet paper. I consider myself a little bit of a hoarder and buy way more essentials than I need to, even when there isn't a national pandemic, so my basement is pretty stocked with everything we need. However, many people are hitting the stores to get items, just in case they are quarantined to their houses. The biggest thing that people are trying to get their hands on is hand sanitizer.

Fox News, as well as other media outlets have posted articles to their sites about making  your own hand sanitizer since every store is pretty much out of it. It seemed like a really good idea! All you need is some vodka, aloe, and essential oils for a nice scent. BUT experts say, if you do, you MUST use a vodka that has 60 percent alcohol for it to be effective and most vodkas are only 40 percent. According to the Daily Beast, Tito's Vodka, is warning people NOT to use their vodka to make homemade hand sanitizer.

So keep that in mind, if you are thinking of making your own sanitizer. Experts also say that just washing your hands for 20 seconds and also avoid touching other people and your face will help keep you safe if you don't have hand sanitizer.

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