If you have been keeping up with the news lately (or haven’t lived under a rock), I am sure you have noticed that there is a lot of negative news going around in light of this pandemic. More COVID cases spreading and more deaths, hurricanes and tropical storms destroying homes, crime rates increasing, all have happened since the coronavirus reached America. However, celebrities and other influencers have tried to make segments on shows or podcasts about entertainment or fun stories to bring light into our gloomy reality.

Channel 6 Action News anchor Ducis Rodgers has created a fun segment on the news show called “Can Ducis Do It?” where locals will send in videos of themselves doing an activity/skill and challenge Ducis to replicate it.

Action News writes on their website about a fan, Jim Rotondo, who challenges Rodgers to play the action news theme song with a very unique instrument: a bike pump!

Channel 6 states that the Cherry Hill native has been interested in playing wind instruments for a long time now and is very talented to say the least.

In a video posted on the news website, we see Ducis in total shock over Rotondo’s performance. I mean, who else can say that they can play songs with a bike pump? I wish I could play an instrument, let alone making a tune out of an object that is not even meant for music!

Watch the incredible video on Action News’s website!


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