It was a scary accident on Tuesday that the Falls Township Police Department (of Bucks County) is hoping to use as a chance to educate the public about the dangers of not moving out of the way for emergency vehicles.

Police officials say that Lt. Whitney and Officers Caesar and Rhodunda were in the middle of a routine traffic enforcement stop on Route 13 on Tuesday morning just before 7:30 am. As the officers were stopped on the side of the road behind the vehicle, Lt. Whitney's patrol car was struck by a motorist in the right lane.

You can see the dashcam footage of the accident here:

"The motorist who struck the police car drove past a sign warning motorists to move over for stopped emergency vehicles," police officials said in a Facebook post on Friday.

Despite some serious damage to the police cruiser, nobody was seriously injured in Tuesday's crash.

It is a state law that you are to move over when you approach an emergency vehicle with its lights activated. You're required to change lanes to avoid passing the vehicle in the adjacent lane. If you are unable to safely move over, the law requires drivers to slow down so they pass at a safe speed.

Penalties for the "move over law" vary, but the fines can reach up to $10,000 (with license suspension possible).

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