The Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino will come down once and for all via an implosion today at 9 am. You can view it online. Here's how.

The City of Atlantic City will be streaming it on their website. Click here to view that stream. It'll happen around 9 am. The exact start time could be a few minutes before or after.

Here's a video where you can view the demolition live, via 6ABC:

The immediate area around the building is closed to the public, as you can imagine for safety purposes.

The city of Atlantic City has opened a viewing area at the nearby Bader Field. Guests are encouraged to watch the implosion from outside of their vehicles. They're charging $10 per car, and social distancing will be followed, our sister station Cat Country 107.3 reported.

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In 2007, more than 100,000 visitors attended the implosion of the Sands Casino. The event included a fireworks display and more on a Friday night.

Trump Plaza opened in 1984. It closed in 2014, and the structure has since fallen in disrepair.

The cleanup will take some time. The target date for the final cleanup is estimated to be before the summer.

The future of the site isn't known at this time. The building's current owner, billionaire investor Carl Icahn, has not announced any plans for the site.

Here's an alternate view of the demolition from Earthcam via YouTube:

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