Get your tissues ready. This is bound to make you tear up and give you goosebumps.

The children at Tawanka Elementary in the Neshaminy School District had an assembly this week all about careers, leading up to the school's "Career Day" later this month, according to Levittown Now.

You remember this when you were in school, right? Different careers are highlighted and explained so you can start to think about what you may want to do when they grow up.

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The screen in the front of the classroom read, "Community Workers and Helpers." When the teacher leading the assembly mentioned "soldier" as a possible career little Lydia, a Kindergarten student raised her hand and proudly revealed that her dad is a soldier. She was wearing the cutest little flag dress. Goosebumps already.

The teacher asked her to stand up to tell her classmates what her dad did. She answered, "He protects everyone in the whole world." Adorable.

Little did Lydia know that her dad, Army First Sergeant Chris Thompson, was hiding just outside of the classroom to give her a great surprise, that he was home after being overseas for several months, serving our country.

Lydia's teacher asked her what she knew about her dad's career. She rattled off a few things and then told her teacher that she couldn't remember anything else. Her dad had snuck in at that moment and said,  "You don't remember anything else, Munchkin?"

She turned to him so naturally and said, "No," and turned back around. Haha. Then, of course realized it was him, jumped into his arms and burst into tears.

It's an amazing reunion. I've watched it over and over again. You probably will too.

Thank you for your service, Sergeant Thompson. You're daughter's so cute and proud of her daddy.

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