Wawa is at it again with another secret menu, and this time it has drinks that are perfect for St. Patrick's Day.


You'll need to place your order through their video screen kiosks.
On the main screen, you'll see an animated goose flying within a four leaf clover in the lower left corner of the monitor.
Press the goose/shamrock and you'll unlock the secret menu.

Once you do that, you’ll see the screen change to show Wawa's secret menu main page.
A rainbow will appear landing on a pot of gold and an "enter" sign appear.
Click on the "enter sign," and you’ll be able to select three new secret drinks.

Once you hit enter you'll see new smoothies available on the secret menu:

- Pot Of Gold - Caramel Cream Smoothie

- Mocha Mint Paddy - Mocha Mint Cream Smoothie

- Good Luck Mint - Mint Cream Smoothie

You can see a picture of the menu in the post below

Another fun addition to go along with the Saint Patrick's Day theme is each drink is topped with rainbow gummies.

Now that you have the info about Wawa's secret St. Patty's Day menu, feel free to share the knowledge on how to access it with other Wawa fans.


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