Wawa is experiencing a coin shortage, 6ABC is reporting, and it will affect how you pay for your purchases at their stores.

Of course, the whole country is experiencing a coin shortage, according to the Federal Reserve. They say the coin inventory issues will resolve once "the economy opens more broadly and the coin supply chain returns to normal circulation patterns," Newsweek reports.

As a result, they are asking all customers to make their best efforts to assist. If you pay with cash, they're asking customers to try to use exact change.

If you can't, there's a charitable option as well, Wawa says. Customers can also "round up" their purchase to the nearest dollar and donate their change to The Wawa Foundation. The Wawa Foundation supports local charity causes related to health, hunger, and everyday heroes, 6 ABC reported.

Plus, if you have rolled coins laying around the house or just a huge bucket of coins that you never got around to sorting, you can go get rolls for them and actually exchange them at select Wawa stores for cash.

You can get more details about Wawa's new way to pay here.

Some people have their routines and if that routine is broken, they are completely thrown off. Sometimes that can create anxiety in a person and for them and sometimes for others too because they lash out.

I mean, when the coronavirus shut down happened in New Jersey, people were freaking out left and right about things being closed, when in reality, they could certainly survive.

Hey, New Jersey flattened the curve and we were doing pretty good at keeping coronavirus cases down by the steps we took.

Hopefully, they stay down and we don't have another shutdown because I think people will totally lose it. Thank goodness most convenient stores like Wawa stayed open, they just took a lot more precautions to protect their customers and employees from getting sick.

Fast forward three months later and now Wawa may be asking you to pay a certain way in their stores because of a certain shortage they are facing.


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