A love for Wawa runs deep in New Jersey and parts of Pennsylvania. My brother swears by their coffee and even gifted it to a coworker who moved out of the area because she missed it that much. I'm stressing the fact that a love for Wawa is real, and now they are giving us another reason to continue the love fest: they're releasing their own beer.

I saw on Food & Wine that it's a collaboration between Wawa and 2SP Brewing Company. They've combined coffee and beer into one glass. The name of their creation is called the Winter Reserve Coffee Stout. According to 2SP Brewing Company site, it's an oatmeal stout and that has been steeped with Wawa’s Reserve Winter Blend Coffee, which give the stout the flavors of sweet clove, dark chocolate, and graham crackers.

The good news is the beer is officially being released soon, around the week of December 10th. The kind of bad news is it's a limited release to bars and shops in the Philadelphia area, and only about 1,000 cases will be sold in stores.

I'm hoping that the cases don't go too fast before I can try it, but if it becomes popular enough maybe they will consider brewing more to meet the demand and popularity of it. We'll see what happens soon.

You can read more on the new Wawa stout here

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