Did you guys know that we have a National Halloween Society? No? Neither did I….until now.

Apparently, they are trying to change the date of Halloween! Sounds crazy right? Well as crazy as it is, many people agree with the idea.

So you guys know how Halloween is on October 31st every year right? Well if this petition does well it won’t be anymore….sorta.  The National Halloween Association, located in Mt. Laurel, NJ has decided that having an additional Halloween date would be a little easier.

According to phillymag, The National Halloween Association wants to “promote and grow the safe celebration of Halloween and year-round costumed events throughout North America.”  This will DEFINITELY change the holiday forever! This isn’t a petition that just started by the way. This was actually started back in 2018 and for whatever reason, it is now gaining tons of recognition from all over the country. Just this past weekend the signatures of the petition went up another 25,000!

Ok, so they want to make Halloween safe, but is changing the date really going to do that?

The organization believes we should move all activities to the following Saturday, that way we can all enjoy the spooky season a little bit longer. Not to mention that for parents it will be less stressful. This year, Halloween falls on a Thursday meaning that kids will be rushing to get their “trick-or-treat” on, and parents are going to be cranky in the morning after a long night of checking candy. Having the additional Halloweekend would be a little more relaxed on both ends. The organization also makes a point that when kids go trick-or-treating during the week that they are typically going when it is rush hour.  Their argument is that most people already celebrate it earlier or later anyway, such as college kids, so what’s the big deal? I’ll definitely be keeping my third eye on this one.

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