There is apparently a fine line between what you can and can't recycle.

I know, we all try to help the environment by any means necessary when it comes to recycling, but sometimes we want to help so much that we go over board ...

That's were this article from really comes into play. It really sorts things out and explains what you can and can't recycle and why ...


Watch the breakdown!

  • Yes, you can recycle bottle caps now.
  • Yes, you can recycle jars and plastic containers that once contained food with the exception that you rinse it out. If food gets on other recyclable goods in the compactor it ruins not only what you just recycled, but other things in the batch and they can no longer be recycled.
  • No, you can not recycle greasy pizza boxes (for the same reason as above) but you can rip the clean top off and recycle that.
  • When recycling cardboard try not to get it wet and cover it when you take it to the curb, if it gets wet it loses fibers and if it ends up not making it to the processing faze, it will end up in the landfill.
  • No, you can not recycle Styrofoam. There's simply no market for it at the moment ... and one big issue for that is caused by no solution for transporting it. The sizes are all wacky and there is currently no way to reshape it.
  • Same applies for paper, plastic and red solo cups.
  • No, you can't recycle wood, small pieces of paper, paper takeout containers or plastic bags.
  • No, you can't recycle used paper towels and napkins
  • No, you can't recycle light bulbs, porcelain and non-container glass, and electronics.

Remember just because there is a recycling symbol on something doesn't mean it can always be recycled.

Happy recycling!

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