Happy St.Patrick's Day weekend! This is one of my favorite holidays and why shouldn't it be? There's always so much fun to be had, especially when you're a radio DJ and when you're Irish!

The Hamilton St. Patrick's Day parade was always so much fun!

One year, when I was still waitressing, I even did a favor for my boss and handed out coupons for our restaurant dressed like this!

What can I say? I love being a wee bit Irish and I love St. Patrick's Day!

Usually, for St. Patrick's Day, we all gather at my Dad's house, (because he's the one whose Irish) and he cooks pounds and pounds of corned beef and potatoes and we all sit there and eat until we burst. This year, I decided to have my family over and cook for them. I am using today to prepare my menu, because I always go all out! So here's what's on the menu!

For an appetizer, I found a beer and cheese dip on Pinterest and I'll serve it with pretzels. My Mom is also bringing spinach dip (thanks Mom!) I don't want to make too many appetizers because of the big meal!

Corned beef, of course. My family and I love to use the JP O'Reilly's Corned Beef Brisket. Cook it at 350 degrees with water in the bottom of the pan and you must cook it one hour per pound. While you're cooking it, you must keep "watering it" by taking the water from the bottom of the pan and keep pouring it over the top. This will prevent it from getting dry. Also, make sure you use the peppercorn flavor packet that comes with it! It makes a huge difference.

Next up, the potatoes! I am actually cooking pierogies as well as mashed potatoes, because, why not? I put my pierogies in the microwave first and then put them in a frying pan and get them a little crispy. For my mashed potatoes, all I can say is...butter and milk...butter and milk! The milk must be thick and sometime Is use almost an entire stick of butter. (yeah, we don't worry about calories on St. Patrick's Day) I also make sure I add salt, pepper and sometimes, garlic powder. I will be putting toppings on the table if my family wants to add cheese or sour cream, maybe even bacon. Like a mashed potato bar at a wedding!

This is my first year cooking cabbage and I don't eat it, but my Dad said, it's as easy as putting it a pot of water, so fingers crossed there! Another thing that I am trying that is new, is a "green" macaroni and cheese. I got the recipe on Pinterest and I gotta say, it looks really good!

For dessert, I am going to melt white and dark chocolate chips, dip Oreos in them and then sprinkling them with green sprinkles. I am also doing funfetti cupcakes, with white icing and green sprinkles. Easy desserts, but look so cute!

So there ya have it! Phonechick Tiffany's St. Patrick's Day meal! Wish me luck! (haha get it?) and have a Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!


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