It's that time of year when you are trying to figure out what you are getting your family for Christmas. We can all agree that getting a gift for your mom is probably the toughest. Those ladies are picky.
Now we have a question for you. What do you think is going to be New Jersey's most popular holiday gifts of 2020? AT&T Experts have done a survey of the whole country in an effort to show the most popular holiday gift in each state. The survey showed that New Jerseyans really want an air fryer.

Yes, an air fryer will be the most popular gift of 2020 in New Jersey. Those things are pretty pricey so whoever is getting that has to be a special person.

On the list shared by, it shows that an air fryer will be the most popular gift this Christmas. A total of 12 states have air fryers as the most popular gift. Pennsylvania is one of those states as well. This gift was followed by the Baby Yoda toy with 7 states.

The rest of the list includes Amazon Alexa, a weighted blanket, Google Pixel 4, Instant Pot, Gaming Chair, Fitbit charge 3, Amazon firestick, and an electric scooter.

Out of that whole list, I can't blame New Jerseyans for picking the air fryer as the most popular holiday gift of 2020 for the Garden State. shared that this is not the first time that the air fryer is such a popular holiday gift. We learned that the air fryer is in such high demand that by 2026 it should bring $476.7 million in revenue.


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