As I was driving by Mercer Mall the other day, I realized, it’s been a little over a year since Houlihan’s abruptly closed for good. I was completely shocked to hear this news especially because I worked there for four years. The announcement was so sudden and the only info I had about the closing was a very vague Facebook post. I did do some more digging and found that the rent was extremely high for that space and with the decline in customers, they couldn't keep up with it. So sad, like I said I worked there for four years with some amazing people.

Even though it’s been over a year, the huge restaurant space is still completely empty. I feel like there could be a million things that could occupy that space, don’t you? I mean, I've seen businesses move out of buildings and another one moves in extremely quickly. I asked some PST listeners and some coworkers what they think should go in this space and here's what they said.



Restaurants that Should Go in the Old Houlihan's Building in Mercer Mall




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