Depending on where you live in New Jersey, you may call it something different, but Pork Roll/ Taylor Ham was just named New Jersey's Most Iconic Food! This title was bestowed upon this delicious food by The Daily Meal, and we agree 100% with their choice!

Pork Roll was invented by John Taylor in 1856 and honestly, you can't say you're from Jersey if you haven't had it! In my opinion, it's best on a bagel, (any kind) with some eggs, cheese and ketchup. Some people add hot sauce, but I'm more of a ketchup girl when it comes to my pork roll. Some people prefer their pork roll on a Kaiser Roll, but if you're in New jersey, and you're going to eat pork roll, you might as well put it on another iconic food, a bagel! Bagels don't taste the same when they're not from New Jersey!

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