Being that I have a ton of jobs and sometimes I forget to pack food for a long day, convenience stores can be a lifesaver for me. Especially when convenience stores are attached to gas stations. You fuel up, get a sandwich and head on your way! I think it depends on where you live, you may have a strong opinion on which convenience store you frequent, but when national lists come out, you have to believe them!

So what did Delish choose as the best convenience store for New Jersey and Pennsylvania? Well, being that I was born in Central Jersey, I grew up going to Quick Chek and only went to Wawa's when I went down to Bayville to see my Aunt and Uncle. So I wasn't extremely surprised when that's what Delish chose at New Jersey's local convenience store, but still I thought Wawa would have won that title. Now, for Pennsylvania, no surprise, it's Wawa!

Now that I live in Mercer County, I may have switched from Quick Chek to Wawa, but hey, what can I say? They're the bomb

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