We live in a pretty great location where we can visit Philadelphia by hopping on mass transit or by jumping in the car and we'd be there in an hour. It's pretty great when you're craving a cheeseteak! Whethere you think Geno's or Pat's has the best cheesesteaks in Philadelphia, it actually doesn't matter. According to Thrillist, the best cheeseteaks are not in Philly!

Here's where Thrillist thinks you can get the BEST cheesesteaks in the country!

  1. Phil’s Steaks in New York City could easily be a day trip for you and your friends since we are only about an hour train ride away from New York City. They are a cheesesteak food truck, in fact they're New York City's first authentic food truck. They move their location frequently, so follow them on Twitter to find out their location.
  2. Pop's Philly Cheesesteaks in Las Vegas claims to be the best in Vegas. Who wouldn't wanna chow down on a delicious customized cheesesteak after they've gambled away all their money? Honestly I think that would make me feel better!
  3. Woody’s Cheesesteaks in Atlanta, Georgia has been open since 1975 and is described as a dive cheesesteak shop outside piedmont park and even has a nice deck for you to enjoy your cheesesteak outside. Fans on their Facebook page give them a 4.6 out of 5 star rating!

Thrillist has 12 restaurants in total that they think have the best cheesesteaks in the country, see the rest here. 

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