According to a poll done by Reader's Digest the nicest town in the whole state of New Jersey is ... drum roll please ... West Orange!

By doing some reading on about it, the poll meant "nicest" as in the friendliest residents of a township. I have to say, I currently live in Hamilton township and I like my neighbors and the majority of people I've met during my time there. Yet, I do have to give it up to West Orange. I have family friends who live there and they are kind, generous and amazing people to be around and hang out with.

I even like this quote from West Orange's Mayor, Robert D. Parisi, describing West Orange as "... a model community for this new world. People from all over the world live here peacefully."

That quote is powerful and makes me think about packing my bags so I can move to West Orange. But I like where I live! Honestly, I love New Jersey in general. We have so much packed into such a small state. We have farms, cities, suburbs and beautiful beaches.

Find out more on why West Orange won the poll here

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