Why is everyone so sad today? Oh, because Labor Day weekend has come and gone and so has summer? Open your eyes people! Summer is not over until September 22nd and there is still warm days and summer fun ahead of us!

In fact, being that my Dad lives in a shore town, I know for sure, that going down the shore is the best in the month of September. NJ.com knows this as well and they gave a bunch of reasons, which I totally agree with, (almost) all of them.

1. Free beaches & the weather is gorgeous- Yes! after Labor Day, Jersey beaches are free! Beach badges and daily access can cost a lot of money! You're also able to bring food on beaches that you normally wouldn't be able to because no one is sitting in a chair before you walk on to tell you not to! So bring your friends and soak up some of that September sun!

2. Smaller crowds & Less Traffic- After Labor Day, most people go back to school and stay back up North, so restaurants that used to be packed on a wait of 30 minutes, you're now able to walk right in and sit down. You'll also be able to drive down to the shore on a Saturday and make it there in 60 minutes flat, versus sitting on the Parkway for multiple hours.

3. Green heads- If you've ever been bitten by one of these nasty demons, you'll love to know that they slowly disappear in September! They are the nastiest blood suckers that bite when you're near bodies of water and let me tell you personally, that they hurt when they bite, and they itch so much afterwards.

4. Fall festivals- these are the best at the Jersey Shore! My cousins are huge fans of Chowder Fest in LBI, but, there are so many mroe than that including the Irish festival in Wildwood, the Atlantic City Seafood Festival, and Asbury Park's Oysterfest. Festivals are the best in September!

So keep your heads up people! Summer is far from over and there's still so much to do at the Jersey Shore!
For more reasons why September at the Jersey Shore totally rocks, visitNJ.com

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