The Philadelphia Zoo opened its new 'WildWorks' zip line and ropes obstacle course yesterday.

Standing tall at 34 feet high, the new course features two separate courses: one for kids and one for adults, so it's enjoyable for anyone at any age. That way nobody gets left out.

The ropes and zip line course experience lasts for about 20-25 minutes and allows participants to "cross bridges, balance on ropes, climb through obstacles and zip line to the bottom of the course", according to

I would totally try this. It brings a whole new experience to your trip to the zoo.

'WildWorks' will cost you but thankfully it won't break your bank. Tickets will range from anywhere between $4-$10 to participate. Not bad considering a trip to the zoo can start adding up throughout the day.

And for the little ones, there's a special course designed for this age range that is similar to the bigger kids and adults experience.

This sounds like such a fun time! Definitely something to check out on a summer day even if you don't feel like walking around the zoo all day.

Wildworks is open daily from 10am-4pm.

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