There may be a new rule in New Jersey that could potentially cause some minor inconveniences while grocery shopping. In a few different U.S. states, shoppers are being asked to provide their IDs when purchasing a pretty common household item/ingredient at check out.

Of course, we’re used to getting carded for alcohol, tobacco, and things of that sort, but this shocked me when  I found out some states have to take an extra step when buying this extremely common grocery store item. We’re getting closer to the holidays so this is the time when we’re at home baking and cooking, so this item is a total must-have if you love to make cookies, cakes, pies, breads, etc.

Will New Jersey Start Checking Shopper’s IDs When Purchasing Baking Soda?


Apparently, in a few states like New York and Michigan, shoppers may be asked to show identification when purchasing baking soda at the store, but will this be a law in New Jersey? As of now, no, you don’t have to present an ID when buying baking soda.

Although, we may see rules like this in the future! According to, the reason for getting carded when buying this essential and common item at the grocery store is because of what you could make out of it. Most people will use baking soda for recipes or cleaning solutions, but it is possible to actually make illegal drugs out of it as well.

I guess this is basically the same reason we get carded for over-the-counter cold medicines like Nyquil and Sudafed. The bottom line is, don’t dump out your entire purse and get flustered while waiting in line at Shop Rite when you are buying baking soda, but this law could make its way to The Garden State in due time!

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