The wait is finally over.

There's a new, trendy restaurant in Morrisville, but, trust me, it's not like any place you've ever been before.

Yardley Distillery Tex-Mex Grill just opened its doors and you've got to experience this new restaurant/distillery concept for yourself.

Chef Hector Cuc has created an extraordinary menu representing both Texas and Mexico...sizzling fajitas, mouth-watering bacon-wrapped shrimp, artisan blended charbroiled burgers and so much more.

What makes this restaurant so unique is the distillery aspect. The menu features Yardley Distillery's signature spirits. You can indulge in handcrafted cocktails from the distillery's creations, chosen to pair perfectly with the food offerings.

You can also choose from an extensive list of local beers and wines to enhance your dining experience.

Nicole Rabena, owner of Yardley Distillery Tex-Mex Grill, says, "At Yardley Distillery Tex-Mex Grill, we are excited to share our passion for exceptional food and handcrafted spirits with the Morrisville community. Our team has worked tirelessly to curate a menu that pays homage to the authentic tastes of Texas and Mexico while infusing the distinct character of Yardley Distillery's craft spirits."

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Here's a fun fact: The bar has a beautiful black walnut top, which was made from a fallen tree in Princeton.

Grab your family and friends to enjoy the vibrant, fun, and festive atmosphere. Don't miss Wing Wednesdays and Texas Thursdays.

It's already getting great reviews.

Yardley Distillery Text-Mex Grill is located at 897 W. Trenton Ave., Morrisville, PA.

Check out the menu by clicking here.

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