Swifties across the country (and right here in Philadelphia) are freaking out because as of 9:30 am, Ticketmaster.com has appeared to crash for all users. 

The verified fan presale for Taylor Swift’s “Era’s Tour” is set to begin at 10 am ET. Fans who pre-registered for the sale were told overnight if they were eligible to access codes overnight. A TON of other fans were told they were waitlisted, and wouldn't immediately be eligible for tickets.

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This affects all six shows scheduled in our area (including Lincoln Financial Field in Philly and MetLife Stadium in New Jersey).

Well, as of 9:30 am, users are reporting a ton of errors ranging from being kicked out of the waiting room to the site and the Ticketmaster app not loading at all.

Some users are able to get through at various times, so just be patient! Lincoln Financial Field seats about 67,000 people (for each show) so there are PLENTY of seats available.

Ticketmaster has not commented on the issues just yet, but...

Keep refreshing Swifties, and stay patient. 

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