There is nothing better than supporting a local business, especially when it comes to sweets. An old fashion candy store located in Lodi, New Jersey, has struck a sentimental chord with many New Jersey residents, News Break reported after taking submissions on small businesses to highlight.

Cardy's Sugar Bowl opened in the 1920's by an immigrant couple from Italy: Antonio and Concetta Dagrosa. The shop's website emphasizes people's yearning for the "good ol' days" such as, "hanging out with your friends at the corner candy store" and for "when a penny candy actually cost a penny."

Originally named “The A. DaGrosa Ice Cream Parlor,” the store sold everything from toilet paper, to cigarettes and stationary in addition to their ice cream and candies. People even came far and wide to eat the freshly grown figs from the Dagrosa’s backyard. According to News Break, the shop became a community favorite where locals would play cards and relax while drinking a soda at the counter.

Well, Cardy's Sugar Bowl plans to keep up the nostalgia and bring back sweet memories from the past. There is old-fashioned ice cream counter service full of chocolate egg creams, fountain sodas, and the daily newspaper to read while you eat your dessert! Don’t forget about the penny candies either, they are still there!

From Big League Chews, to Swedish Fish, to Chupa Chups and Cow Tales, Cardy’s Sugar Bowl has it all. With many local businesses closing due to the pandemic, now more than ever it is vital to support the ones that have been here since the start, providing us with nostalgia and historical memories that we can’t seem to get anymore.



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