Calling all dog lovers! A new recipe for dog-friendly pumpkin spice lattes is here. So, your four-legged friend can also enjoy their own pumpkin spice drink while you enjoy yours.

The recipe came from Open farm Pet food, and according to People, all you need is Open Farm Kefir, pumpkin puree, and ground cinnamon. Then all you do is blend them all together, add a swirl of whipped cream to the top, and voila! Your pup’s got their own pumpkin spice “latte”.

However, make sure to double check that the ingredients, especially the whipped cream, do not contain xylitol, or nutmeg, which are toxic for dogs. To be safe, avoid letting your pup taste test your own Starbucks-made latte, follow the recipe, and maybe skip the whipped cream.

If you’re making fall themed drinks for your pups, might as well dress them up too. According to People, Milk-bone, a popular dog treat company, has released matching Halloween mask and bandana sets. Hurry up and get one, they’re limited edition. The bandanas are also perfect for dogs that might not enjoy getting dressed up. According to People, the sets are available on Amazon for ten dollars and come with a mini Milk-Bone sample pack. The sets come in three designs, mouse and cheese, skull and crossbones, and pumpkin and candy.

These sets are great for matching with your pup on a nice fall walk, a drive to pick up your pumpkin spice latte, or just for getting into the Halloween Spirit.


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