You all know I love myself a good glass of wine. The other day I was decorating one of my Christmas trees (yes I said one of them) and decided I would pour myself a nice adult beverage while decorating! That’s when it hit me, what if they made ornaments that you could drink out of? I thought I was the only one that was thinking about it, until I researched it. There are now ornaments that you can fill up with alcohol! 

I really thought I had such a clever idea, but someone beat me to it. That’s ok! So here's what you can get. The boozy ornaments are called Boozeballs. I will say I love the name! They come from The Gift Republic, and are the cutest thing I have ever seen. According to Delish, each Boozeball comes in a pack of six ornaments, each with a gold top, red string for hanging, and “Drink Me” printed on the ball. The best part of it is that I don’t even need to leave my house to get them! They are available on Amazon and only cost $17.75.

I was thinking to myself, “How well do these actually work? Will the ornament just break?” I took a look at the Amazon reviews and these adorable ornaments have been rated a whopping 4.6 out of 5 stars! It's definitely worth the money. I think I’ll be adding some of them to some of my trees! 

I guess the only thing you have to really worry about is the kids! You may want to make sure that you keep these at the top of the tree just in case they try to drink them! However, since it does say drink me, you could always fill these up with water, juice, or even eggnog. 



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