Who knew that a simple two-word, 7-letter phrase could mean so many things? New Jersey knows! It can express, concern, friendliness, annoyance, forgiveness, and even love. One of the tell-tale signs that you're from New Jersey, is if you're fluent in these two words that have so many meanings.

Yep, it's....

"You good"

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I'm purposely refraining from punctuating, because one punctuation mark can change the meaning entirely. In fact, one inflection, one emphasis, one pitch change can change the meaning too. It takes a trained ear to hear the differences. Only a true New Jerseyan can pick up the subtle nuances of these two words, and answer appropriately.

So if you're from out-of-state and/or you're visiting New Jersey this is basically half of what you'll need to know to communicate in the Garden State. Philadelphians are also fluent in "You good".

Let's take look at the many translations of "You Good" in New Jersey.

1. "How have you been?"

This is one of the most basic meanings of the term. A genuine, quick check-in on your overall well-being. If it's said to you with a smile, you can go into a little in-depth with your answer. Tell them how work's going. How the kids are. How the wedding planning is going. That sort of thing.

2. "Are you okay?"

This is a more serious well-being check. If it's said to you in a hushed tone, the person wants you to know, "You can be honest with me." OR If someone says this to you with a confused/slightly agitated facial expression, this is a sign that you're weirding them out/making them uncomfortable.

3."You'll be okay"

An assurance or a dismissal. I say this to my cat when he's dramatically demanding food after I literally just fed him.

4."It's ok/Don't worry about it!"

This is the one I use the most. It's very friendly, usually said with an upward inflection at the end. An acceptable response if someone's apologizing to you for something trivial, like forgetting to hold the door open for you behind them.

5. "Did you get enough to eat?"

Last check in to see if you want to order anything else before you ask for the bill. See also: "Djeet?"

6. "Are we done here?"

This is the ones husbands will use when they're ready to leave HomeGoods.

 7. "You're welcome"

Exactly the same as saying "No problem!"

8. "Do you need money?"

This one's my favorite! This will be said with eye contact, gently prodding you for an honest answer. Your grandma or uncle will look both ways and then ask you this in a hushed tone before slipping a crisp $20 in your hand. This is also how we say "I love you and I got your back."

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