This woman's smile absolutely made my day.

Meet Margaret Dilullo. Margaret is from Pennsylvania and is 106 years old. Yeah, you read that correctly. She's 106 years old.

How does she stay so young? Well, Margaret says, with Yuengling Beer. Yuengling Beer is America's oldest brewery, based in Pottsville Pennsylvania.

According to CBS Philly, Margaret said that she has one Yuengling Beer a day and it contributes to her long life. So, Yuengling decided to surprise her with an entire truckload of beer.

Yuengling Brewery pulled up with a huge truck full of beer for Margaret and she had a driveway full of people ready to enjoy a cold one with her.

I have always said that I wanna live a long and healthy life. My Great Grandmother was almost 100 when she died and I have a Great Aunt who lives out in Illinois who is almost 95.

I remember my family telling me that my Great Grandma drank a lot of red wine. So maybe a little bit of alcohol is the key to a long life?

Whatever the secret is, I want it. I want to live long enough to be a Great Grandparent. I think that is something that is super special.

Margaret is almost 107 years old. I wish I could pick her brain and find out what else she does to stretch out her life.

For now, I'll just stare at her because she is the cutest woman I have ever seen!

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