This May Be SJU’s Youngest Baseball Recruit Ever!

This past weekend, St. Joseph’s University welcomed their newest, and youngest, player to the team. Mason Wyckoff of Bristol Borough signed a letter of intent at the young age of 7 years old . . . Crazy!

The baseball team brought on Mason as part of their team with the help of Team Impact. According to, Team Impact is “a national nonprofit that connects children facing serious and chronic illnesses with college sports teams in their area.” Mason falls under this category due to the fact that he is living with common variable immune disease. This disease affects the way his immune system functions. In fact, Mason’s immune system doesn’t function properly at all. shared that while Mason has been on sports teams in the past, such as T-ball and martial arts, it has always resulted in hospital visits. This is due to the fact that kids are more likely to spread germs, leading to sicknesses. The likelihood of this lessens with college aged individuals and adults, which is why this team works out better for Mason.

At the ceremony held last Saturday (2/9/19), Mason sat proudly with his mom by his side and his new best buds behind him. His mom, Brianna, shared with, “They are an incredible group of guys who really enjoy Mason, not because they are being told to but because they want to.” Thanks to this amazing organization and opportunity, Mason has gained a team of new best friends!

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