This is crazy, but, if you're up for the challenge a free beach house could be yours, according to NBC News 4 New York.

What??  It sounds too good to be true, but, it is. The most adorable little house in Wildwood is up for grabs, but, here's the thing, you have to move it, and you have to do it quick. You knew there had to be some kind of a catch, right? Lol.

The house, at the corner of Bennett Avenue and Park Boulevard, definitely stands out from the rest. It's a cute little barn red A-frame and is apparently a sight-seeing spot in town. It's looks like one of those tiny homes you see on tv.

The woman who lives next door to the house, Veronica Navazio, says people from all over stop to see it and get out of their cars to take pictures in front of it.


The house was built around 1960 and definitely has a charm about it. It's been vacant for years and last year the property was sold. New condos are being planned so the house is going to be demolished, unless it can be moved first, which is the hope.

The realtor representing the owner, William Macomber, says, "We would love to give it away, to the person who can actually move legally and with insurance and properly."

It's a part of the history of Wildwood that many people want to see saved. There's a group, Preserving the Wildwoods, that's working hard to try and relocate the house before it's torn down in less than 2 weeks.

The problem is they can't seem to find a company to move it for free. The group says they have some great ideas on what to do with the house and where to move it, it just has to get moved, fast.

If you can help in any way or if you can get the house moved, you've got to do it fast, because it's scheduled for the wrecking ball in a few short weeks,

There's a Go Fund Me to raise funds to move the house. Click here for details.

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