Credit: Getty Images

Something you never say to someone from New Jersey is that our state smells. Why do people say this? The entire state does not smell! Yes, maybe certain towns do, but that's only because of factories and different things that are manufactured there. However, reports of stinky rotten egg smells have been coming from Bordentown and Florence and residents have had enough.

So what's the reason for the stench? According to, it's a combination of things, but the main reason, landfills. There are four landfills that are in Bucks County right across the Delaware River and because the wind blows east, the awful smells come on over. Officials who run the landfill have been investigating as to why the landfill smells worse than normal and they believe that the crazy amounts of rain that we've had this past year can be a huge factor as to why the stench is so bad. Residents relate the smell to garbage on a hot summer day (gross!) and call the the smells nauseating. However, they have only started to complain about it and the company that runs the landfill says they couldn't do anything about the smell if they didn't know it existed. There could also be other causes of the bad odor that is sweeping through these Burlington County boroughs. Either way, residents just want to be able to walk outside and take a deep breath without wanting to gag!