A new law is being decided on this month in Saddle River, New Jersey that will fine dog owners who let their pet bark too long and disturb their neighbors throughout the day and night. It also would prohibit dogs from trespassing or damaging a neighbor's property.

This may not be good news for dog parents but great news for neighbors who have to deal with dogs barking and ruining their property in their neighborhood. According to NorthJersey.com, this ordinance would not allow dogs to continuously bark, yelp or howl for long periods of time. There is more of a tolerance during daylight hours to early night because from 7am to 10pm a dog's barking and noise will qualify as a disturbance after 20 continuous minutes. From 10pm to 7am the window is shorter - just 15 continuous minutes would get you and your pooch in trouble.

NorthJersey.com mentioned that the penalties of breaking this potential law would include fines of $100 up to $1,000 per incident, community service or prison. A judge would be determining the fine in each circumstance.

As a dog owner, I understand the role of being a pet parent. It's part of the job to look after, care for, and control my pet. What upsets me is the potential for neighbors to call, complain and abuse this potential law because they do not like their fellow neighbors or are not a fan of dogs in general.

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